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Important Note:

June through November our agency may become prohibited from binding coverage should a “Tropical Disturbance” enter the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean Sea.

In these cases we may be unable to bind new coverage quoted in open proposals until the storm leaves our area and our binding authority has been restored.

Please arrange your coverage protection early to avoid this type of delay. While we regret any inconvenience, the carriers impose these restrictions on all agencies.

Personal Insurance

HARCO Insurance Services - Protecting Your Family & Personal PossessionsProtecting Your Family & Personal Possessions

At HARCO, we work with you to assess your areas of risk.  We can then provide the quality Personal Insurance products that you may need for the protection of your financial future, and that of your family.
Because shopping for insurance can often be a time consuming and complicated endeavor, we will make the process as painless as possible.  We can provide you with the Personal Insurance products that fit your specific needs and budget, and take the time to help you understand your policies.


We Appreciate YOUR Referrals

We believe this is the highest compliment we can receive from an existing client, so we make sure that you are satisfied, and that we’ve met or exceeded your expectations. We would welcome the opportunity to earn the confidence of your friends, family and business associates.

HARCO offers the following Personal Lines products for protection:

  • Automobile
    Please click here for more information about what to do if you have an Auto claim.
  • Farm & Ranch Owners
  • Fire  / Rental Property
  • Flood Insurance
  • Homeowners  (Primary & Secondary)
    Please click here for information about what to do if you have a Homeowners claim.
  • In-Home Business
  • Personal Liability (all types)
  • Manufactured Homes
  • Motorcycles / Antique Vehicles
  • Notary Public Bond
  • Renters Property / Condo Package
  • Personal Umbrella Liability
  • Recreational Vehicles / Equipment
  • Valuable Articles/Property
  • Antiques
  • Cameras
  • Computer Equipment
  • Jewelry and Furs
  • Musical Instruments
  • Valuable Collections  (Art, Wine, Coins, Stamps, Crystal, Books, Maps, Memorabilia [Sports], and other such items)
  • Watercraft / Yachts
  • Workers Compensation  (Domestic or Home Employees)

What to do when you have an Automobile Claim

In the event of an automobile loss, you may take steps to prevent further accidents and damage to your vehicle by moving your vehicle off of the congested road.
If you experience an auto accident with injuries or damages over $1,000, you should call the Police.
For minor accidents make notes of the following items:
  • License plate number of all vehicles involved,
  • Description of all vehicles involved,
  • Vehicle Owners Name, Address, Telephone Number
  • Vehicle Drivers Name, Address, Telephone Number
  • Witness Names, Address, Telephone Number
  • Special circumstances, such as time of accident, weather conditions, location and traffic lights.
Do not admit fault or assume responsibility to anyone and do not offer any payment to anyone. If the vehicle is drivable, you should continue to drive your vehicle until an adjuster has examined at your vehicle. If your vehicle is not drivable, have it towed to the shop where you want your vehicle repaired. By having it towed to the repair shop of your choice, it will avoid having it impounded by a storage facility.
Discuss the specifics of the accident only with the police, your employer, our agency and your insurance company claims adjuster.

To report a claim:

Automobile Glass Claim Instructions

Chipped or cracked windshields are inevitable.  When the chip or break occurs, simply telephone the 800 number listed below for your personal automobile insurance carrier and report the claim before you have the glass repair work done.  This is the most efficient and streamlined method of filing a claim for glass repairs.
Please have the following information available ready when you call:
  • Your Policy Number
  • Description and VIN# of Vehicle needing repairs
  • Date and Location of the Incident
The operator will take all the claim information from you and arrange for the repair or replacement work with a glass shop. Some insurers have special agreements with specified vendors which provide added benefits to you such as guaranteeing their work and allowing glass repair discounts. All the billing and appointment details will be taken care of in one phone call when you use the 800 numbers.
HARCO Insurance Services is ready to assist you should you have any questions regarding this process or your insurance coverage/deductibles.   If you need our assistance, please call 713-681-2500 or use the Online Claim Report Form.

What to do when you have a Homeowners Claim

Filing your claim:
1. Report burglaries, thefts, and other crimes to the police
2. Telephone HARCO at 713-681-2500 and formally report the loss.  You’ll receive any additional information you need at this time.
3. Take any steps necessary to prevent further damage. For example, repair windows broken during a burglary. Save your receipts so that you can submit them to the insurance company for reimbursement.
4. Take an accurate inventory of all lost property.
5. Save receipts for living expenses if you must take temporary living arrangements while damage is being repaired.
6. Take pictures or videos of the damage
7. Obtain Claims forms. Once received, complete and return them as soon as possible as this greatly helps in speeding things along.
8. Make sure that an adjuster inspects any and all damage.
To report a claim:
Emergency Claim Phone Numbers exist for many of the major insurance Companies.   Here is a list for your use.  It is okay to report claims directly to us, but after hours, on weekends or especially in times of DISASTER EMERGENCIES feel free to report claims directly to the insurance company.
America First 877-263-7890
Chubb 800-300-2538
Fidelity National-Flood 800-759-8656
Foremost 800-527-3907
Progressive 800-274-4499
Safeco 800-332-3226
Travelers 800-252-4633
Travelers-Flood 800-356-6663
Unitrin (Trinity) 800-777-2249


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