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When You Should Work With a Financial Planner

Americans are stressed about debt. According to the American Psychological Organization, 72% of Americans worry about debt. Only about 18% think that they have enough money saved to last through retirement. Still, when it comes to their financial future, many people don’t ask for help. Only around 40% of those surveyed reported using a Financial Planner.

Financial Advisors Vs. Financial Planners

A Financial Planner is different from a Financial Advisor. While often casually interchanged, these titles apply to specific roles:

Financial Advisors have a wide range of financial expertise. Financial Advisors aid with investments, estate planning, and tax preparation.

Financial Planners have a specific set of financial skills. They can specialize in areas of finance such as retirement, investing, or estate planning. When you need help managing money or a financial plan, this is who to call.

Many people think that building a long-term financial plan simply means establishing goals. In reality, it is much more complex. These are a just a few instances where you may want to hire an expert:

1: You don’t like thinking about money.

If you’re the kind of person who hates talking about finances, you probably aren’t paying as much attention to yours as you should. You’re also not alone. Let’s be honest – some people don’t like discussing money because it isn’t all that fascinating. Instead of hoping things work without supervision, hire a specialist to help out.

2: Money management is overwhelming.

Money management is complex. It involves more than saving – you need to plan, budget, and prepare. College savings, retirement, investments… When the realization of how involved the process it hits, the shock can freeze you in your tracks. If you’re already behind on your savings goals, obstacles will feel larger and more difficult to surmount.

Financial Planners do the hard work for you. Financial Planners can help set goals, then break them down into specific steps. This makes the process feel much easier and far less overwhelming.

3: You want a second opinion

Here’s a secret – even the financially savvy ask for advice. Financial Planners are a great resource for professional advice and second opinions. Spending too much energy focusing on your 401(k) and neglecting something else? Even if you have a business degree it can help to have outside help. Having someone dedicated to your finances can help you discover more ways to save and invest.

The Costs for Financial Planning

Financial Planners may employ different rates for their services. In most cases, your Financial Planner will use one of the following frameworks:

  • Fee only. Fee-only financial planning refers to flat-fee pricing. Financial Planners will charge either hourly, a flat percentage, or a set monthly retainer cost.
  • Commission based. Some Financial Planners will charge a commission as payment, from earnings and investments they work on.
  • Fee-based. Fee-based Financial Planners charge both flat fees and a commission.

To best determine what financial planning services are best for you, begin by determining your needs. For simple concerns, flat fee work may be most appropriate. Ongoing investment or savings advice may require long-term help.

Talk to a few financial planners about their cost structures and fees. Before you agree to anything know exactly what services you need, and what services they offer. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help managing your money! Talk to a Financial Planner today to see how you can achieve your own financial goals.

We’re always on the lookout for great information about insurance topics that may impact your health and wallet. If you think of any insurance-related topics, be sure to reach out to us.