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Important Note:

June through November our agency may become prohibited from binding coverage should a “Tropical Disturbance” enter the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean Sea.

In these cases we may be unable to bind new coverage quoted in open proposals until the storm leaves our area and our binding authority has been restored.

Please arrange your coverage protection early to avoid this type of delay. While we regret any inconvenience, the carriers impose these restrictions on all agencies.

In 2018, Medicare Premiums Likely to Decline

For the first time in five years monthly Medicare costs are expected to go down. Prescription drug coverage under Medicare Part D should become more affordable in 2018 helping millions of Americans.

The expected monthly cost of coverage will dip $1.20 per month to a reduced amount of $33.50. The equated to a 3% annual savings for prescription drug coverage. This comes from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

This is good news for the 43 million adults over 65 enrolled in Medicare Part D. CMS attributes this decrease to lower bids by pharmaceutical companies, driving the costs for premiums down.

The actual amount Medicare Part D recipients will pay out-of-pocket will vary. Recipients select a medication program available in their area. Actual costs will depend on program deductible and co-pay, and the medication.

Income is also a factor. Adults age 65 and older 150% below the federal poverty level – $18.090 annually in 2017 – may be eligible for the Part D Low-Income Subsidy.

CMS should release actual costs for 2018 premiums in September. Open registration for Medicare begins October 15 and closes December 7.

We’re always looking for great information about insurance topics that may impact your health and your wallet. If you have any insurance-related questions please call us.