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June through November our agency may become prohibited from binding coverage should a “Tropical Disturbance” enter the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean Sea.

In these cases we may be unable to bind new coverage quoted in open proposals until the storm leaves our area and our binding authority has been restored.

Please arrange your coverage protection early to avoid this type of delay. While we regret any inconvenience, the carriers impose these restrictions on all agencies.

Steps to Take if You Think You’re Handling Asbestos

Asbestos is a mineral fiber compound that naturally appears in rock or soil. It may also be found in building and construction materials or while doing maintenance or repair work.

In fact, many roof and installation materials, plaster, caulk, and pipe-insulation materials can contain asbestos. This is because it had been an effective insulating material.

Being exposed to asbestos is dangerous as it can lead to lung problems including a variety of cancers. Asbestos exposure has been linked to lung cancer, mesothelioma cancer, and asbestosis. However, the time from exposure to development of these conditions may take years.

Precautionary Steps

There are a few key steps to take in order to protect your team from asbestos exposure. Use these three steps before starting a work project.

* Always ask if the job that you’re about to complete involves working in an environment that could contain asbestos. If the answer to this question is “yes,” then you’ll need to supply workers with the training and safety equipment to minimize exposure. (And bill your client accordingly.)
* You’ll also need to provide warning signs in the area that note the danger of being exposed to asbestos.

In construction, you hold the responsibility to ensure that employees in the area and any members of the general public are kept safe from asbestos exposure.

Protect Team Members

Minimize employee exposure to asbestos by requiring workers to:

* Wear a head covering, coveralls, gloves, and respirators.
* Avoid smoking in areas that may have asbestos present.
* Eat and drink in safe zones away from these areas.
* Shower before leaving the job site.
* Remove any traces of the material from their clothing. Clothing and footwear exposed to asbestos should be left at the job site.
* Never bring clothes home to clean them… the company is required by law to leverage professional garment cleaning instead.

Require Education

If workers are to be exposed to asbestos, they need to be given training on how to work safely in such an environment.

Training should be mandatory and understood by all levels of the crew including workers, job site managers, etc.

And if your company regularly handles materials such as asbestos, be sure your insurance addresses this risk. Have questions? Give us a call today!