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June through November our agency may become prohibited from binding coverage should a “Tropical Disturbance” enter the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean Sea.

In these cases we may be unable to bind new coverage quoted in open proposals until the storm leaves our area and our binding authority has been restored.

Please arrange your coverage protection early to avoid this type of delay. While we regret any inconvenience, the carriers impose these restrictions on all agencies.

6 out of 10 adults don’t have a will. Do you?

We’re all mortal. We know that we’ll have to face that fact… someday…

But planning for our life’s end is difficult to grapple with. It’s why so many of us haven’t taken the time to craft a will or trust.

(One fine point… as folks age, they tend to be more likely to have a will… 81% of individuals 72 or older tend to have some form of estate planning in place.)

There’s an issue with this. Putting off a will puts loved ones at risk, especially if they have children that will need care. With as many as 78% of individuals with young kids not having some form of estate planning in place, this is a frightening proposition.

Interestingly, individuals appear to be a bit more proactive about establishing power of attorney for health care decisions. (This is important if you become incapacitated and need someone to make decisions on your behalf.)

So what’s the biggest reason individuals haven’t created a will? According to surveys, it is simply because they “haven’t gotten around to it”. It seems that while folks recognize it is important to have a will, they are resistant to take action. (The same reasoning applies to people putting off establishing a healthcare power of attorney.)

So if you’re like most Americans you don’t have a will… But you can do something about it. There are many options including getting professional advice or using software and services to help you create one on your own. ( is a popular resource for “do it yourself” legal solutions.) One thing… be careful with creating your own will. If you fear family members may challenge your will, having one professionally crafted is a good choice.

And while you are thinking about how to protect others with a will, you may also want to consider life insurance. Be sure to talk with you insurance professional. They can offer you great advice… and they’ll show you how flexible life insurance can be.