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June through November our agency may become prohibited from binding coverage should a “Tropical Disturbance” enter the Gulf of Mexico or Caribbean Sea.

In these cases we may be unable to bind new coverage quoted in open proposals until the storm leaves our area and our binding authority has been restored.

Please arrange your coverage protection early to avoid this type of delay. While we regret any inconvenience, the carriers impose these restrictions on all agencies.

5 Tips for Beating the Retirement Blues

Retirement can be an exciting new chapter in a person’s life. But for some seniors without partners, the idea of facing retirement alone can be frightening. Being single and retired can make people feel unsure about what to do next. After all, they expected to spend this part of their lives as part of a couple pursuing all of the things they had put off in their earlier years. However, the death of a spouse, or divorce has changed that expectation, and now these single retirees are left wondering how to go on.

If you are facing retirement alone, it’s important to remember that being single and retired doesn’t mean that your best days are behind you. You can still enjoy an active life and beat those feelings of loneliness.Here are five tips to help you:

  1. Learn all of those things you always promised yourself you would if you had the time – Browse the Internet for courses you can enroll in online. Find out what adult education courses your local high school/college offers. If you always dreamed of pursuing a college degree, this is the time to do it. Try a creative hobby like gardening, or painting. Keep yourself intellectually active and involved and you won’t have time to feel depressed.
  2. Find new friends – If you have a hobby, or activity you enjoy, see if you can find a local club dedicated to that activity/hobby. If not, try organizing your own group. Many venues like the local library offer meeting space to groups. You can also contact your local high school/college’s adult education program to see if you can teach a course about your hobby.
  3. Adopt a pet – Animal shelters are always searching for loving homes for abandoned animals. Pets provide unconditional love and companionship for those who care for them. Just be sure that whatever animal you adopt, you have enough money and time to properly care for it.
  4. Look for a significant other – You may find romance by joining a singles group at your church or at the local senior center. These groups are designed to allow people to meet in relaxed situations while engaging in organized activities such as card games, trips, and dances. Even if you don’t find romance, joining one of these singles group will provide you with a place to meet other people and a lively social calendar.
  5. Volunteer – Most non-profits depend upon volunteers to accomplish their missions, so they are always actively recruiting. Becoming a volunteer will not only give you a sense of accomplishment, it can also give you the opportunity to pursue a job you always wanted to try.